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Join the weekly group with expert hypnotist James Vera for group coaching in the methods of Hypnoketosis every Thursday night!
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If you are heavier now than you were 24 months ago, then this letter may hit a nerve. 

If you are heavier now than you were 15 months ago, then this letter may hit a nerve. 

Are You Finally Ready to Shed Those COVID 19, 20, 30, or Even 50-100 pounds that seemed to come from who knows where?

Did you get heavier during our years of social distancing? A lot of people did. Decreased activity plus empty calories is the formula for unwanted weight gain. If unwanted weight gain happened to you, it probably makes you ponder the deeper question, What will my health be like in a few years if I don’t solve this problem now? In your head, it is pretty clear you want to lose these extra pounds, but the strategy to make the changes necessary has been put off. Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and realizing the weight you have gained is making you feel less energetic, less attractive, less healthy, and less motivated—until you take your glucose levels.

That is when the real fear sets in...

My name is James Vera –

I am professional hypnotist and author of the new book Hypnoketosis: Eat the Foods You Love and Lose Weight While You Sleep. I wrote the book from a place of excitement because I want to share with you what worked for me and I know you’ll be able to achieve the same progress toward your intentions.

As a respiratory therapist, I see people literally being crushed by their own weight and I am there to help them breathe. As a hypnotist, I often—even regularly—help and support people avoid this fate by teaching the skills of Hypnoketosis. 

You do not even have to diet to reach your goals. I can teach you a simple solution to end yo-yo dieting that combines the power of scientific weight-loss with the power of the unconscious mind to establish new habits, change eating preferences, and make lasting change. And you can accomplish this in the next five weeks!

Creating Lasting Change

In this weekly online group, you will get expert coaching, experience self-hypnosis, give up the dieting forever, and replace it with health patterns of lasting change. 

You will get multiple video tutorials to help you succeed and to explain exactly how to live your best life while understanding the Hypnoketosis Program. 

On Thursday nights, we will meet on Zoom for peer support, new learnings, and a self-hypnosis session hosted by James Vera or one of our guest contributors.

Join us!
Every Thursday evening
Group class is at 8pm Eastern Time and continues every Thursday through the year. Join now, it's risk free, the first month is on the house!

Why join this group?

Free access for the first $30 days, then $19.97 per month if you chose to continue your participation. You may cancel at anytime.

Weekly peer support

Recipes and meal plans

Private social media group

PDF resources

Learning tutorials

Five weeks of self-hypnosis

This online group experience works!

In the most recent online Hypnoketosis group almost all of our active participants report losing weight, and many of them have had similar astonishing weight-loss results. But our results went way beyond just weight loss. 

Participants have told us that they:

    Were more energetic and clear-headed,
    Had more sexual vitality and interest,
    Enjoyed an increase in balanced emotions and decrease in depression, anxiety, and misery,
    Had not felt this good in decades. 

    The best part? All of this was after just five weeks of learning!

    When you join our online Hypnoketosis group, you gain the support and encouragement of James Verga and other recognized experts. We will guide you and, together with the power of the group, champion you and create accountability in a fun and uplifting way. 

    You can be a part of the next Hypnoketosis group that
    begins on Thurday nights if you register now. 

    They say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, but the second-best time is NOW! Do not put off caring for your health any longer and join us so that you can step into wellness and move from obesity to health. 

    I guarantee that this class will teach you specific techniques and new choices that you can indeed make. This is not a diet. You will change your life if you follow the simple suggestions and guidelines that are so easy to do, and you will wonder why everybody is not doing the same thing. 

    Zoom limits the number of participants, so we cannot accept everyone who wants to attend this class. We also limit participation because we want to ensure everyone gets the attention they need and deserve, including answering everyone’s specific questions. 

    Register now. The first 30 days is on us. If you find benefit and wish to remain in the group, you can remain as long as you wish for only $19.97 per month.

    When you register now you will gain instant access to powerful tutorials that will help you prepare for the first class. You do not even need to wait to get started because you can access the resources immediately by using the Register Now link. I want to meet you online now in my Hypnoketosis group and not in a few years in the hospital when your health is in considerable, even serious, jeopardy. 

    May 2021 | Join the Hypnoketosis | Weight Loss Hypnosis Online

    You have an important
    choice to make: 

    Hypnoketosis now or continued weight gain until it is too late. There is a solution and to be a part of it, join our learning group. It is online so that you can participate from anywhere in the world. Join the many other successful students that I have met who have benefited from our combined expertise.

    The first month is FREE! If you find it helpful, you can remain in the group for $19.97 per month.

    Get the FREE Keto Cookbook!

    This cookbook is packed with ideas, recipes, and good ways to start eating healthy. You do not have to be a member of our group to access it!  All you need to do is tell me where to send it and I will send it right now so you can make your next meal with these ideas:

    What Others Have To Say?

    "Vera's book contains basic and enlightening steps to caring for yourself and your body. You can, with his guidance, reparent yourself and start a new life."

    Bernie Siegel, M.D.

    Author of Love, Medicine, and Miracles

    "At last! A true breakthrough in weight loss. The brilliant combination of two fields - ketosis and hypnosis - bring us all a cool new way to release excess weight! An An outstanding book!" 

    Joe Vitale

    Author of The Attractor Factor

    "Fab! Hypnoketosis gives you the tools and ideas to stick to your own Keto plan. Our mind is a hugely powerful tool, This book shines a light on this, the missing link."

    Sheila Granger

    Author of No More Diets

    Get the Book by James M. Vera

    "I can tell you from my personal experience and my experience with cancer patients that James Vera's book contains basic and enlightening steps to caring for yourself and your body. You can, with his guidance, reparent yourself and start a new life in which you care for and about yourself, your life, and your body. Your mind is a very potent instrument for change and what your body believes and responds to."

    Bernie Siegel, M.D.

    Author of No Endings Only Beginnings and Love, Medicine, and Miracles.

    Coaching with James Vera

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