Improving your memory is easy and effective with hypnosis.

Your memory is like a muscle and if it not used and exercised on a regular basis it will not perform as well as when it is used on a regular basis. When using hypnosis I can help you improve your memory with various tools.

You may be experiencing memory problems that are affecting your life. I see many clients both in my office and on Skype for the ability to perform better on tests and improve their scores with hypnosis to help with memory recall. Also you may have problems remembering names, phone numbers, passwords, birthdays, anniversaries, faces and many other situations which can cause great embarrassment and regret.

Why hypnosis works

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help relax your conscious mind and body so I can put your subconscious mind to work on solving your memory issues. Your memory can also be affected by:

  • a poor diet
  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • and sometimes just by the natural aging process

Your subconscious mind will often respond better to images and your emotions and feelings rather than dates and numbers.

You can also improve your memory through repetition.

Also very important is for you to change your own self-image and affirmations. It is very important to tell yourself on a daily basis that your memory is improving day by day in every way, rather than affirm you have a brain that is horrible and can’t remember anything.

Hypnosis will help you…

  • to control your mind
  • to enhance your memory, focus and concentration
  • stop forgetting important facts and events
  • to reduce your stress and anxiety levels, improving your concentration and memory
  • improve your self-confidence and change your life forever

Memory hypnosis programs

Hypnosis will help you improve your ability to focus and concentrate on what is important, whether that means:

  • taking a test
  • improving your test performance
  • remembering a speech for a presentation at work
  • or simply remembering your significant others birthday or anniversary

Hypnosis connects with your subconscious mind which is the memory center of the brain, the source of all memories.

When we reprogram the subconscious mind and allow the conscious mind to relax, we can then have access to all the information that has been put into the subconscious and improve your ability to recall information that has been previously stored there.

I have developed two different, three hypnosis session programs to improve memory.

1. Test anxiety and optimal performance

The first hypnosis program is for test taking performance and test anxiety.

In this 3 hypnosis session program you will learn to relax completely and have less stress during the exam process:

  • the 1st session is spent on overall test taking skills and hypnosis
  • the 2nd session we spend on test taking anxiety and hypnosis
  • the 3rd session we spend on memory recall during hypnosis

After the three hypnosis sessions you will be sure with practice to improve your test taking performance and test anxiety and memory recall.

2. Improve your overall memory

The additional three hypnosis session program I offer is for you to improve your overall memory.

In three hypnosis sessions you will learn to relax and relieve stress and anxiety:

  • the 1st session addresses your subconscious mind to retain and recall more data when it is needed
  • the 2nd session focuses on your memory recall
  • the 3rd session is for improving your focus and concentration.

All of these sessions you will learn with various hypnosis techniques such as NLP and EFT.

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