We all want to have better days. Feeling happy, relaxed and supported is a very pleasant state to be in.

Life happens though. Not every day feels the same and for some of us, those not-so-bright days happen more often than not.

Finding ways to bring back some sunshine and happiness into your days can feel hopeless at times. I am here to tell you that’s not the case at all!

With summer just around the corner and literal sunny days happening outside, now’s a great time to start thinking about your own happiness and what you can do to get yourself back into feeling good each day.

How Hypnosis Helps

The terrific thing about hypnosis is that the work is done with your subconscious mind and I speak to that part of your mind that, when relaxed, is highly open to suggestions and directives. This is where the magic happens. Where I can help you to understand how to react and process different situations that occur and could impact your day.

Once you’ve managed to gain back control of your reactions and experience processing, you’ll find that things that once triggered undesired reactions are now no longer taking a toll on your day.

We accomplish this by using hypnosis to:

  1. Set Goals & Gain Better Time Management
    When you’ve had time to clearly define and decide on your overall goals it’s easier to stay focused and plan your days around achieving those goals. This improved time management and targeted actions result in less time focused on negative outside occurrences and better overall feelings.
  2. Get to the Bottom of Anxieties & Other Roadblocks
    You can’t truly achieve happiness when there are other worries and anxieties happening in the background. With hypnosis, we dig deep into those areas you’ve pushed to the back of your mind and identify them and find a resolution or way to overcome them so you’re no longer held back from achieving your goals each day.
  3. Learning to Express Your Emotions
    To feel truly great about how you’re living each day, you must be able to feel like a true and authentic version of yourself. Being free to express your emotions and open up to say what’s on your mind are all important tools for helping you have a great day. We work on helping you to feel more relaxed about opening up and sharing with hypnosis.
  4. Be More Present
    Much like the practice of mindfulness and meditation, being more present in each moment is key to having better days. With this practice, you learn to relax, better process events as they unfold and appreciate, have compassion for, and even learn to enjoy each moment as it happens.
  5. Define & Identity Quality Relationships
    It’s true what they say, that keeping good, quality people to support you around you each day is important. People you feel loved and encouraged by and who push you to do better will only increase the likelihood of better days. We’ll discuss what that looks like and set you up to accept and keep those friendships.

Let’s Meet

 If you’re ready to experience what it’s like to finally feel good each day, get in touch with me for a hypnosis session. We can meet at my Cheshire, CT office or online. I offer tele-hypnosis sessions using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and other video conferencing platforms.

 With the self-hypnosis I teach you, I can not only help show you how to start shifting your mind to focus on, attract and bring out the good in your days, but also provide you with the tools necessary to get back to this peaceful and tranquil state when you feel things are starting to get gloomy again.