The feelings and exhaustion that come from anxiety and stress can affect you physically, mentally, and spiritually. The good news is that hypnosis works to help reduce your stress and anxiety, naturally with no side effects. I can speak to you from experience!  Yes, even hypnotists have histories of anxiety and stress. I am passionate about working with my clients who suffer from anxiety and stress because I personally understand the feelings. I also know how I have used hypnosis for stress and anxiety to help myself.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Life is always changing with some level of uncertainty and chaos. It is often a part of life. When you use hypnosis to change your subconscious mind, you are better prepared to handle the unexpected changes and chaos. Change and uncertainty do not change, however, the way you are able to cope with it will. When you change your thoughts you change your life.

Think of your subconscious mind as a garden. Your feelings are the soil and your thoughts are the seeds. What type of garden are you growing? When we change the seeds (thoughts) your circumstances will change. The pictures, thoughts, and images we create in our minds are what shows up in our lives.

Your mind can only experience peace and tranquility when you stay in the present moment. Anxiety and stress come from thinking about future moments that have not come yet. This is called “rehearsing.” For example, you are rehearsing what you will say to a person when you confront them and you live out the argument in your mind. The problem comes from the fact your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between the rehearsal and the actual argument. Now you have increased your blood pressure and heart rate just thinking about what you are going to say and rehearsing the responses.

How Hypnosis Helps

Using hypnosis for stress and anxiety will help you to live in each present moment and truly live one day at a time. It is called living in a 24-hour airtight day. You can certainly set plans and goals for yourself, this is healthy because we as humans are a goal-driven species.

The other way you can distract yourself from staying in the present moment is “rehashing” the past. A moment that has passed and can never be recaptured. By “rehashing” the past, you avoid being in the present. When we think about the past this can create a feeling of depression… the woulda, shoulda, coulda type thoughts.

I have many clients who come to me to do hypnosis for stress and anxiety. Many of my clients have tried therapy and medications with little to no change in their levels of anxiety. My hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress Program is not meant to replace conventional medical treatment. I have worked with many patients and their doctors to help reduce or eliminate the need for medications. However, it is important to note that you never just stop taking medications without the supervision of your doctor. I will work with you and your doctor to tailor hypnosis for anxiety and stress that will oftentimes help your medications to be more effective.  As I mentioned earlier, there are many clients who are able to reduce or eliminate the need for medications for anxiety and depression.

Work with Me

Regardless of whether you do hypnosis with me in my office in Cheshire, Connecticut or you do hypnosis with me using my tele-hypnosis or Skype for hypnosis program, hypnosis works! I have had many clients just like you from all across the country to reduce their anxiety and stress using hypnosis.

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