9478709_sWell the simple answer is YES.

Recently Katy Perry, who often turns to alternative therapies for help in her life, has turned to hypnosis after the very recent and painful breakup with John Mayer. She stated that she wants to wipe him from her mind and keep from being weak and taking him back.

Mayer apparently has a habit of showing back up in his ex-girlfriends’ lives.

And Katy Perry stated she is using hypnosis to remove him from her mind and have him become less attractive. In addition to removing all his belongings from her home she has turned to hypnosis to remove him from her mind and start over with a new and happy life.

Can hypnosis help you with your recent breakup or loss?


In fact, I can help you the same way Katy Perry is receiving help.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful and so is hypnosis. By allowing your mind to relax during hypnosis I can give your conscious mind a chance to take a break while we direct your subconscious mind to move on from a possible addictive relationship or painful breakup.

Your life is like a play…

When once act ends another one begins.

When I hypnotize you in regards to your breakup or loss, your subconscious mind easily accepts the idea that although the “act” is over and the curtain closes, the curtain will again open to the new act filled with joy and new experiences.

Life changes and curtains are opening and closing in your life all the time.

It is when you hold onto the past “acts” that you will experience the pain. It is OK to hold onto the good memories. However, it is also important for you to let go and move on so that you can continue to create new memories in your life. I can help you with hypnosis to allow the curtain that has closed to open again to a new part of your life.

Nothing happens by mistake and if the people from your past were supposed to still be in your life they would be. There is a reason why they are no longer part of your life, even if it is difficult for you to see while you are in pain.

I can help ease your pain of the loss using simple hypnotic techniques combined with NLP and EFT to make your transition easier.

Phone or Skype hypnosis?

I can help you right from you own home or office using phone or online hypnosis if you are not able to see me in my office in Cheshire Connecticut.

I can hypnotize you anywhere in the world where there is an internet or phone connection. Skype and Telephone hypnosis are just as effective with the same great results as hypnosis done in an office visit. Sometimes it can be more effective because you are relaxing right in your own home.

Often times after a breakup it’s difficult to want to leave your safe environment.

This is why Skype or Telephone hypnosis is so effective. Hypnosis is a relaxation of both body and mind and this is often so much easier and effective in your own home.

Experience the power of hypnosis for yourself

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During our conversation you will learn how hypnosis can help you. Whether you choose to meet me in person or do a Skype or Telephone hypnosis session is up to you. Contact me today by clicking the link or call me at (203) 490-5100.

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