As summer vacations and long days spent pool-side finally wind down, pumpkin patches, cool, crisp weather, and school are around the corner! Yep. It’s back to school season again and that can be a very exciting time of year. Especially if you’re a parent waiting for a break from the kids.

For some though, the school season can come with a feeling of dread or despair. Especially if learning new materials or being tested on information they’ve retained has created an issue in the past.

Whether you have school-aged children going back to school or are heading into your own college semester in the next few weeks, learning to tackle the anxieties that arise when it’s time to take a test is important for a successful 2019-2020 school year.

Hypnosis for Test-Taking

I have good news. There are some very direct and effective things you can start doing right now to get ready to ace this upcoming school year and you guessed it: It involves hypnosis!

Here’s how I can help you to get rid of your test-taking anxiety so you can get the grades you actually deserve!

Jumpstart a great academic year with the right mindset.

It helps to get an early start on things. You want to go in with a well-thought-out plan that you’re confident is going to work. That’s true for anything. So start now.

If you struggle with test-taking or find yourself forgetting the answers to things you’ve gone over and knew the answer to before you stepped foot in the classroom, you’re not alone. Many students young and old suffer from performance anxiety and other mental blocks that can make it difficult to stay focused enough to recall exact information needed to pass a test when they’re put “on the spot.”

To tackle this, you need to relieve yourself from the negative thinking not just about scoring poorly on the test, but also to create an environment where you feel safe, relaxed and confident in.

How it Works

Just as with your schoolwork, practice makes perfect. That’s why hypnosis is such a good tool for this. Sitting with me we’ll get you into a very relaxed state where your mind and body are open to suggestions and where you can place yourself literally in the exam room at the desk, filling out your answers. You’ll envision the whole process and how well you’re able to sit through and answer all the questions with ease.  This “practice run,” plus the work we’ll do speaking directly to the mind with suggestive affirmations can create a powerful lasting change.

If you’re tired of being stressed out over poor test scores? It’s time to consider hypnosis! Get in touch with me using the form below and we can meet at my Cheshire, CT office or virtually from anywhere in the world using Skype or Zoom.