Spring is quickly becoming summer and graduation season is upon us.  The time when scholars throw their caps to the sky and celebrate as they cross over into the professional world for the careers they’ve chosen.

It’s a relieving, rewarding and also very stressful time.

Building up to the graduation day, making all the exam and credit requirements, and then, planning how to begin this new life and venture out into an employment landscape that’s been all but stellar in the last decade – is a lot to take on.

With all these thoughts swirling around in your mind (and from the outside voices like your parents). Things like: How long until you land a job? Will you be paid fairly? Can you afford to move out, and live like a responsible adult? How will you know if your 401k is set-up? It is easy to feel apprehensive.

I’m here to tell you there’s a fighting chance though. Armed with the right skills and a positive attitude, landing that dream job is possible!

It Starts with You

First things first, you owe yourself a pat yourself on the back. You beat the statistics and surpassed dropout rates for post-secondary school all while holding down a part-time job and keeping an active social life. You see, you’ve already acquired lots of important life skills over these last few years.

You might not realize it, but you do have what’s needed to move into the next steps of your future life with grace. All you have to do is recognize and believe in your abilities.

Having the confidence to walk into a conference room full of CEOs in suits to pitch yourself, your abilities and what you can bring to an already established company is not far out of reach when you know deep within your subconscious that you are in fact, worthy and deserving of the position.

Hypnosis for Confidence

Hypnosis can help you with improving self-confidence by teaching your unconscious mind to relax first and to then program it to think like a winner.

My program for confidence includes getting your mind and body to a peaceful state. I will then give you suggestions that help you to take a bird’s eye view of potential interview scenarios and allow you visualize just how you’re going to land that job.

Covering what things you’ll need to say to highlight your strong points during the interview, for example. It’s like an internal rehearsal of sorts. As you practice and review these within your mind, you’re already giving yourself with the tools and knowledge that you’ve in fact got this!

Let’s Video Chat!

If you’re ready to gain the internal dialogues and directives needed to reprogram your mind for success, then let’s meet up for a video chat. That’s right, you don’t even have to come to an in-person meeting (we can if you’re local the Cheshire, CT). Using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or any other video conferencing service, I can work with you to gain that self-confidence required to keep your head high and your thoughts positive to land that job you’ve been working so hard to get all these years.