How Hypnosis can help you change your life one Micro Habit at a time.

I remember when I moved back to Connecticut from San Diego back in 2002. Arriving at the home where I grew up, I came back to help my mother who was aging and had a lot of physical operations ahead of her. Thank God she is 81 now and still lives independently!

The task at hand not only was to help her physically but also to downsize her living to a flat one-bedroom condo.

You may be asking what all this has to do with ‘micro habits’?

I went up to the attic and saw over 50 years of stuff! Everything from 8-track players to old GI Joe dolls from my child hood. I went to the basement and the same thing. Every closet and drawer was filled with stuff. I didn’t know where to begin.

I had a friend offer to come and “help” me. When he arrived and saw all of what was there, he became overwhelmed and had to leave. I never laughed so hard. It was like had seen a ghost. He said, “I don’t know where you are going to start.” We were in the attic and I said over there in that corner. One micro corner of the huge under taking.

I created a series of micro habits each day. Creating donation piles, EBay piles, garage piles and day-by-day, one micro task at a time, my mother is now in her condo and the home I grew up in has been restored to its natural luster.

I use micro habits often in my life to create bigger changes.

Here are some micro habits I have added to my own life and have reinforced with hypnosis.

Hypnosis helps to change the programming in your unconscious mind to make the micro habits automatic.

We often call the unconscious mind our automatic mind.

  1. Drink at least two 8oz glasses of water with meals. This helps me to remember to get close to my 8 glasses each day. Add one more with snack time and you have all 8 glasses of water completed for each day.
  2. Eat one less unhealthy food each day. Cut out one type of food out of your diet that you know is now good for you.
  3. Make your bed each day. Yes this works for both productivity and feeling accomplished!
  4. Ask yourself each day when you wake up: How can I change my life today?
  5. Practice not responding the second you receive a text, call or email.
  6. Do one thing every day for your business when first starting.
  7. One less hour of screen time, TV, phone, iPad, laptop.
  8. Take action even when you don’t want to.  
  9. Practice delayed gratification.
  10. Spend 5 minutes where you take a deep breath and just relax and STOP.  
  11. Get more movement each day. A 10 min walk, cleaning the house are all great options.
  12. Tidy up a room each day in your house
  13. Donate sell or throw away one thing each day that is not being used.

These are just a few of the hundreds of micro habits you create for yourself and hypnosis can help you jump start your habit of micro habits today!

Hypnosis can help you create any micro habits in your unconscious mind so they become automatic programs that will lead to your success.   

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