One of the hottest new trends in reducing weight and improving your health is called Intermittent Fasting or IF. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. There are several ways you can do IF which is basically a type of time-restricted fasting. It is done so you can achieve better health and reduce your weight.

What is Intermittent Fasting?

The basic concept of Intermittent Fasting is simple and easy because it is NOT A DIET. For 16 hours of each day, you are not consuming any calories and having nothing but unsweetened beverages such as water, coffee or tea. No artificial sweeteners. You choose a window to eat. For example, you will eat from Noon to 8 pm. It is easy to fast at night and skipping breakfast and having the first meal in the middle of the day.

Adding in Hypnosis

Some of my clients request to also be hypnotized not only for the 8-hour window of eating but also adding in Keto and this tends to really supercharge weight loss.

A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine by Rafael de Cabo, Ph.D., and Mark P. Mattson, Ph.D. stated that “Intermittent Fasting can trigger a metabolic switch from glucose-based to ketone-based energy, with increased stress resistance, increased longevity, and a decreased incidence of diseases, including cancer and obesity.”

Lasting Results

I have worked with several clients recently and used hypnosis in combination with IF to reprogram the unconscious mind into eating during the 8-hour window. In addition, smaller meals and sometimes Keto meals are also included in the suggestions to ensure success.

The results have been extremely positive. Most of my clients when doing both IF and Hypnosis make permanent rapid changes. It eliminates dieting for good, also decreases hunger considerably which reduces calories and in turn, helps your body return to its normal weight naturally. Without suffering and yo-yo dieting. No more diets.

Your subconscious mind understands during hypnosis what you desire and will make 16:8 IF so easy and simple.

No more weighing foods or buying special diet foods. A new lifestyle of eating small amounts of food during a shorter period-of-time virtually eliminates the need or desire for night-time snacking.

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