Several months ago, I received a call from a woman located in another state who was about to get married and wanted to reduce her weight by 35 pounds to fit into her wedding dress. She also said that many of the young ladies in her wedding party were petite and she was concerned she would look much larger when compared to them in her wedding pictures.

During our free 10-minute phone consultation we discussed the strategies that hypnosis would use to help her reach her goal. I told her that I had done hypnosis with hundreds of people over the Internet using Zoom, Skype and even Facetime and that the results were phenomenal. We discussed her level of motivation and commitment and I explained to her at the time that hypnosis was not waving a magic wand but that she would have to participate and be motivated to follow instructions if she wanted to reduce her weight and keep it there once she achieved her goal.

Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band

During our call, we also discussed how the Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band program worked and how she could expect to reduce her weight by 5 to 7 pounds the first week and about 1 to 2 pounds each week thereafter.

The VGB program is the installation of a Virtual Gastric Band and the results are amazing. Your desire to overeat is gone and you will feel fuller quicker as your stomach believes it is about the size of a golf ball creating a sense of being full faster.

The program can be done online using hypnosis over the Internet from anywhere on the planet. If you have an Internet connection and if you have the desire and motivation you will reduce your weight.

How Online Hypnosis Works

Using Tele-Video technology with Zoom or Skype, for example, we will meet for one-hour sessions, 4 times. On the first visit, I will install the virtual gastric band which will allow you to feel fuller quicker.

The VGB program is not a diet. It is a mindfulness eating program where you eat three small meals a day and are satisfied with the amount of food you are eating.

After week one, the woman I worked with reduced her weight by 5 pounds and said it was like she was not even trying to watch how much she ate. She felt full quickly and was able to eat the types of food she enjoys.

The virtual gastric band program allows you to eat less using hypnosis, so you can take back control of your eating.

She continued reducing her weight by 1 to 2 pounds a week. We met one additional time before the wedding. She wanted to reduce her wedding day anxiety after losing the total of 35 pounds over a 4-month period.

Ironically when she came for her final session she said the best part of doing hypnosis was not reducing her weight, but she had stopped smoking also. This often happens to clients when they come in for one thing they often improve other habits and behaviors their subconscious mind wanted to change.

Change Your Life

Hypnosis for weight loss over the internet changed her life and it can change yours too! Contact me NOW for your free 10-minute phone consultation. You can join the rest of my many clients who have used online hypnosis to change their thinking to change their life!