I have coined a new phrase and technique I am very excited to share with everyone: Hypno-Keto! It is a combination of using hypnosis and a Keto as a way of eating. 

In case you haven’t heard of it, Keto is where you cut out all white foods with the exception of cauliflower. That means all flours and sugars, pastas, rice, bread, candies, cakes, pies and cookies. 

You may ask yourself is this possible? Well not only is it possible, but I am living proof. 

I have struggled with my weight since I reached 40 years of age. I have not only done many diets – from being a vegan to Weight Watchers to Nutrisystem – you name it, I did it. 

I had success with a program I learned called the Virtual Gastric Bypass where I would eat smaller amounts. I did well and lost over 20 pounds and I have kept it off. However, it was nowhere near my goal of being within my normal BMI. 

I realized I was at a plateau and frustrated. As a hypnotist, I believe if I am going to help my clients lose weight then I better be on the same path. I also believe with hypnosis there is a level of transference that happens and you cannot “transmit” something that you don’t have.  

I proceeded to add a 16/8 fasting plan which I still practice today and helped my clients do the same. What this means for my meals is that I will eat between 12PM and 8PM. Combining the hypnotic virtual gastric band and the 16/8 fasting method lead to my clients and myself doing better. However, I was still on a plateau. 

Hypno-Keto Results

Just prior to the pandemic, I had a client named “Joe”. Joe was impressive because he knew how to eat and was a type 2 diabetic. He was not practicing what he knew worked. He wanted to be hypnotized for Keto as he said his sugar levels and weight were always great.  

We hypnotized Joe to follow Keto. He did great! He lost 11 pounds in his first week. He has gone from 264 to 216 pounds in 5 months! I was sold. I hypnotized myself to do the same and I started my journey on June 1st and as of today July 17th I have lost 15 pounds!

I still do the 16/8 eating window and eat small meals. The only difference is that they are meat, fish and vegetable-based meals. I have more energy than I have had in a long time and most of my clients are following this same program with incredible results! 

The Truth About Hypnosis, Weight Loss and Charlatans  

Now an interesting thing started to happen that I wanted to note. I began getting calls from people all over the New England Area because a hypnotist who had big weight loss groups in Massachusetts had disappeared since the pandemic. Her clients had gone to her large groups and were looking for a “booster” session.

I have worked with over 5 people who have attended those groups who had recently gotten “off-track” and had gained some weight back. What I discovered were a few interesting things. One all of them had been hypnotized to eat a keto type diet. That was what had been missing for me and my clients who had been stuck. 

Now the darker side of what I learned. I discovered these people were given false information about hypnosis. One, they were told if they get on the scale it would break their hypnosis. That was a “post hypnotic” suggestion so what happens now to her clients when they measure their weight by weighing themselves, they start to over eat again and need a “booster session.” Two, her clients were told that she was the only one that could speak to that part of their minds because she was a “gifted autistic who is being studied by NASA.” This could not be farther from the truth! Most people have the ability not only to be hypnotized, but also to learn and practice self-hypnosis – all of which I teach my clients. 

No hypnotist has the power or “special ability” to talk to anyone’s subconscious mind. This is a power we all have! Since starting my hypnosis practice, I have always taught self-hypnosis and believed the client should be taught and not create a dependency upon the hypnotist. My goal is to show each person they have the ability to hypnotize themselves and control their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Now this woman supposedly has disappeared to Florida with a bank full of money and people who believe only she can help them stay on track. That is a disgrace to the hypnosis profession.  

Remember this: Hypnosis can create permanent rapid change because it is a function of YOUR MIND. Hypnotists who give out false information make it difficult for the majority of hypnotists who are teaching the truth about this powerful skill we ALL have. 

Because you are ready to lose the weight and keep it off, fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch soon to help teach you to change your thinking so you can change your life!