Hypnosis is natures great way to reduce your anxiety. There are many medications on the market that unfortunately are being widely prescribed before simple natural methods of taking back control of your own mind using hypnosis. Often, people are told by the medical community that they need anti-anxiety medication or an anti-depressant. They are told they have a “chemical imbalance.”

Anxiety often comes from future thinking and creating movies in our minds of all the “what if’s?” In addition, depression often comes from past thinking and creating movies about all of our “woulda, shoulda, coulda’s.

The only place where peace can exist is at this moment. Hypnosis helps to change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors by changing the movie in your mind. Hypnosis requires the ability to follow directions.

Tranquilizers work because they greatly reduce or eliminate our own response to upsetting and disturbing events. The pill does not change the environment. The upsetting event is still there. The only difference is you don’t respond to it. What they do is reduce an over-response to the situation.

Training Your Mind with Hypnosis

Over-response is a habit that can be changed with hypnosis. You do not have to respond to a text the minute someone texts you. You do not have to respond to a phone ringing, the phone and text messages are “signals” you have trained your mind to respond to. This works the same way with reacting to situations with an over-response.

You can begin to recondition your mind by not over-responding. Let the text or call or email wait and complete what you are doing first. This is the first step in training your mind back to you being in control. You are not like Pavlov’s dogs that need to drool when you hear a signal. If you cannot ignore the response, practice delaying it.

Hypnosis for Anxiety

Hypnosis helps you to put up a “psychic screen” or “tranquilizer.” Anxiety is caused by our response to a situation. Hypnosis helps you to reprogram your mind to react to the situation in a calm manner.

Remember: It’s YOUR MIND! You can control the way you allow outside situations to affect you.

If you react, then your body will often react to increasing your body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing will all increase. Those responses were put in place by nature should you be in danger – like getting chased by a bear. Guess what: There is no bear!

Keep in mind if you are on medications, it is important to medically wean yourself slowly with many medications under the supervision of your doctor. Hypnosis can help you sometimes reduce or eliminate the need for tranquilizers.

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