February is the month of love – candy hearts and roses galore! This holiday is everything cute and sweet – that is unless you don’t have someone to celebrate with. For the rest of the population not on the receiving end of flowers, Valentine’s Day can seem like a hopeless reminder of the fact that you haven’t yet found your soul mate.

Hypnosis for Love

Can you hypnotize someone into falling in love with you so you can have a Valentine’s Day with all the trimmings? Not exactly. But all hope is not lost.

This Valentine’s Day put plans in action to improve your love life by programming your mind to attract and accept the love you’re so greatly deserving of.

How Hypnosis Can Help Your Love Life

In order to truly feel and accept love from another person, it’s important to first love ourselves. Only then can we gain the basic instinct of what this emotion even is. This can be difficult for some. Depending on past experiences, traumas, or even ideas we’ve programmed into our subconscious mind about our capacity to love and be loved. That’s the first chain that needs to be broken to welcome love into your life.

Working with the subconscious mind, the part of our brain used to program the ways we think and feel, we can begin to teach ourselves to open up to the idea of love and everything that comes along with it – the emotional ties to another person, the shared experiences and the affection.

Learning to Love Yourself

With hypnosis, you’ll start to talk better to your own mind about yourself. Finding the things that you value and enjoy about yourself and appreciating them over any negative self-talk or doubts that once clouded your thoughts. With regular practice, you’ll start to feel worthy of love from another person that will find value in those same features.

Relax and Feel Confident

The other piece of the puzzle when it comes to a healthy love life is feeling confident in your skin and letting down any guards you have up when you’re with your mate. This is something many people can struggle with. It can even lead to performance anxiety disorders in the bedroom or issues with intimacy. Like loving yourself, it’s important to work through past traumas and talk specifically to your subconscious mind about letting go of fears and allowing room for another person inside of your heart.

If you want Valentine’s Day 2019 to be the last holiday you’re spending wondering if you’ll ever find love, let hypnosis help you on your way to romantic bliss.

I see patients at my Cheshire, Connecticut office and also conduct effective sessions using online tele-video hypnosis sessions via platforms like Zoom and Skype. That means you can be in the comfort of your own home while we work together to establish self-hypnosis practices you can use to let in the love from others you’re so deserving of.