As a nation, we’ve been battling the bulge for years now all while seeing continual increases in the rates of obesity. From confused ideas on what to eat and when – to every new “expert” telling people that they have unlocked a new secret to finally getting the scale to move in the right direction. And that’s not including the fact that we’re a society who sits more in front of computers and devices than ever before.

The odds are really stacked against us when it comes to staying healthy.

But they don’t have to be.

Is High Fat, Low Carb the Answer?

There are many fad diets and other plans out there today that promise to finally bring some resolution to the struggles faced by those with weight issues. One of the most talked about diets today is the Keto diet. This diet relies on changing one’s internal fuel source from sugar to fat. While there are an equal amount of proponents for this way of eating as there is naysayers, the fact is that all of these eating plans are only focused on changing what type of food is being ingested.

Sure healthy fats will keep you full longer and sugars do lead to more cravings, but there’s something more that’s needed for the many who have tried for so long to finally lose weight and simply cannot achieve their goals alone.

It stretches beyond the timing and type of foods they’re eating into the realm of what’s going on behind the scenes, mentally, that’s leading them to overeat or make poor food choices.

Where Hypnosis Fits In

The answers can’t be found in a magic pill or a simple cookbook in these cases. It requires time, retraining and a new healthy relationship with one’s self.

That’s why I’ve made the claim that hypnosis is a better tactic. Because with hypnosis we get right to the root of the problem- in your subconscious mind – and address it head-on while in a relaxed state when you’re more open to exploring and changing those habits.

For people who have allowed food to replace emotions and have just plain become addicted to eating, there are many things they can do to regain control of their bodies and minds and finally lose weight.

During a hypnosis for weight loss session, we not only discuss the reasons why you might turn to food for comfort or become discouraged with your dieting tactics, but you’ll also develop new, healthier thoughts to replace them with.

Creating a state of constant positive discourse internally is a great way to tackle the root of your weight loss problems.

In the end, Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Weight Watchers can all work if you utilize the tools correctly. Regardless of what eating program you choose to follow, hypnosis will help you to stop the yo-yo dieting and stick with the plan you know has worked for you in the past and hypnosis will help you to create a permanent reduction in your weight.

Are you ready to take what you’ve learned over the years and finally cook healthy meals and stop overindulging and gaining weight because you feel totally out of control? Get in touch with me and I’ll provide you with the hypnosis tools you need to finally lose the weight and find the happiness you’ve been looking for.