Each year across the nation school-aged teens prepare to prove their academic aptitude to the sea of college admissions offices in hopes they’ll be able to attend and solidify their path to a future career. The tests come in the form of a two-part, 3-hour, 50-minute essay that tests mathematical, reading and writing skills. Many students prepare months in advance with special courses and prep classes to get a feel for the exam and what materials they should know.

What happens though when even knowing all the materials renders a poor result because the test taker is overcome with anxiety about forgetting materials, of not scoring high enough or simply just drawing a blank once they’re sitting in the chair and the timer starts? This is a very real occurrence for many students and finding ways to combat the issue is important.

In addition to studying and preparing for the exam to learn the materials well, there is an additional way to help students overcome test anxiety: Hypnosis.

How Hypnosis for Test-taking Helps

No, hypnosis can’t magically trick your mind into knowing all the answers you never knew prior and it’s not going to allow you to cheat and magically visualize the right answer, but what it will do is relax your mind and help you to stay focused throughout the duration of the exam. This relaxed and confident mental state will help you to recall the information you studied with more ease by pushing memory-busting poor thoughts that arise away and not allowing them to crowd your mind.

Working with a hypnotist will offer you tools to train your mind to think more positively and help you come up with a plan for visualizing and staying calm and focused during the SATs. Having that confidence when you sit down to take the test knowing you are well prepared and will do well, goes a long way in helping to complete the testing successfully.

Get a Better Score on Your Next SAT Test

So, the answer is yes, hypnosis can be a secret weapon in helping you to pass the SATs – especially if losing focus or test anxiety is something you struggle with. The other good news is the exam is administered more than once a year and there’s still time to get on to the roster to take the SATs again this year. (November 2 is the next registration deadline for the December 1st SAT testing so hurry!)

I have more good news too. No matter where you’re located across the globe, I can help you to achieve these results using telehypnosis. We’ll connect via video conference using Skype or another video chat service and you’ll gain amazing results learning to calm those subconscious thoughts and doing as well on the SATs and other academic testing as you should.

If you’re a student in Connecticut and want to try hypnosis to help improve your SAT scores we can also meet at my Cheshire, Connecticut office for sessions. Get in touch with me today and get that score you’ve been waiting to see.