For most people, hypnosis is something they turn to when they want to kick a habit, find ways to get over a fear, or just as a method for gaining more confidence. While all of these are terrific reasons to turn to professional help from a hypnotist, today the industry is evolving and changing. As people start to trust their subconscious mind for healing and betterment, we’re seeing new applications emerge.

Hypnosis as a Complementary Tool in Clinical Care

One of the latest channels opening up to hypnosis involves helping people with pain management in a whole new way. Leveraging virtual reality technologies and hypnosis, new inroads are being made in the clinical and health fields.

One recent study in Europe looked specifically at how the treatment option is helping children with postoperative pain and anxiety. Based on the research, children who were given virtual reality goggles and underwent hypnosis were able to cut down their stay at the hospital, reduce their anxiety and pain meds and even walk sooner than expected.

These results are promising for the adult community too. As research and much of the work being done proves, guiding the mind to a more tranquil state can help to overcome physical pain and improve recovery rates.

How Virtual Reality Hypnosis Works

You’ve likely heard of virtual reality already as it spreads in popularity. Gaming is one of the industries where it’s been most used, but so many other applications are happening now.

With virtual reality hypnosis, the idea is to guide a patient while giving them the literal visuals being described in front of them. A scenario of nature or somewhere soothing to help decrease stress and anxiety, for example, is presented in a 3-dimensional, immersive and reality-like way via a headset or goggles.

Testing and clinical trials are still being done to measure the effectiveness of these combined treatments to reduce anxiety, tiredness, and pain and to see how they affect a patient’s cognition, perception, and sensations.

At Miracles Hypnosis Center, we work with teens and adults (aged 14 and older) to teach them the tools they need to take back control of their thoughts and minds. We’re excited to see the merging of these new advanced technologies combining the methods that hypnosis uses.

It’s an exciting time to be in this space!

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