While there’s something especially enchanting about a scenic view of glistening, freshly fallen snow on a winter day, the reality is that most people would rather spend their time laying on a beach or out in nature enjoying fresh air and tolerable temperatures.

It’s not just that the cold weather stings and means bundling up in uncomfortable layers, but the sunlight is known to boost levels of feel-good Vitamin D and makes us generally less fatigued and happier overall.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

For some of us, the winter blues are about more than just dreading getting out of bed when it’s still dark out. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of mood disorder related to depression. Researchers believe changing hormone levels, as well as melatonin and serotonin production, are to blame. Treatment options include using antidepressants and light therapies prescribed by a medical professional.

Even if you haven’t been diagnosed, it’s still possible to suffer from some of the same symptoms during the winter months including fatigue, weight gain, and trouble concentrating as well as wanting to spend more time alone.

Gaining weight, losing valuable sleep and feeling less motivated are all things that have long term effects on our overall wellbeing so it’s best to work to combat these issues.

Hypnosis for SAD

Hypnosis can help by providing the tools to overcome the negative thoughts that make their way into our minds as we’re experiencing seasonal blues. Thoughts of a long, never-ending season that has nothing to offer but frigid cold temperatures can quickly put our subconscious mind into a ‘gloom and doom’ feeling. This sets us up for a downward spiral into other oppressive thoughts that further lower our mood and outlook.

Start by telling your mind happy thoughts.

Remaining optimistic at this time of year and trying to find the good in the situations can go a long way in changing how your body responds to what your mind is thinking. Perhaps instead of thinking how painfully cold it is outside, replace those thoughts with the idea that seasons change as part of ecological requirements of the universe and so that plant and animal life can continue to thrive.

Imagine all of the beautiful flowers and warm days ahead when the season changes and you might be surprised at how much better you suddenly start to feel.

This control of thoughts happening in your mind is exactly what hypnosis is intended to do.

Working with me, you’ll replace negative neural networks with new pathways and thoughts of the positive things to look forward to in the winter season. Retraining your brain with visuals that provoke peaceful and positive experiences associated with this time of year.

Once your spirits are up and you’re feeling better, make it a point to get outside earlier in the afternoon when the sunlight is bright, make plans with friends and incorporate some exercise into your day for an endorphin boost that will also help change your mood.

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