Happy New Year! As we enter a new decade and a new year, you might be thinking of the ways you would like to improve or change. The New Year often brings the desire in many of us to make the changes that we have been putting off. In this blog post, I will cover how you can use hypnosis in 2020 to change your thinking and change your life!

The most important part of change is being at the threshold. In other words, being sick and tired of being sick and tired. How do you know if you are at the threshold? You start by thinking, “something needs to change.” The change needs to happen NOW and THE CHANGE STARTS WITH ME! That’s right, no one can do it for you. The good news is you have all the resources to make those changes using hypnosis. I heard many years ago that change only happens when the pain of change becomes less than the pain of staying the same.

How to Get Started

The way to get started with change is to begin. Begin by reading one page, begin by doing one push-up, begin by ending one toxic relationship and begin by eating one healthy meal. The magic happens when you start in small increments to reach your goals.

Your mind is a goal-striving device and once the target is set you will reach your goal. You may go off course from time to time while reaching your goal, but nonetheless, your mind has been set-up to achieve whatever goals you set.

Using Hypnosis to Achieve Your Goals

Hypnosis helps you to take that first step in reprogramming your mind to reach your target. By taking the time to put the conscious mind on hold and speak directly to your unconscious mind, it can help you change the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors you have been putting off changing for so long.

Maybe your goal is to stop smoking or to stop eating so much. Maybe you want to improve your public speaking using hypnosis or improve at a sport you play. You may even want to increase your self-confidence and your self-esteem and take up something new and challenging. Hypnosis can help you get started in taking one small step at a time to improve your life. It’s your mind and you control your mind and body. You got this! All you need to do is start.

Now that you are ready to make the change the possibilities are endless. To set-up a free consultation please fill out the contact form below so I can send you a link to my calendar to find a time that is convenient for you to chat.

Keep the shiny side up!