If you’ve been waiting for the long, cold winter days to be behind us, good news: The spring season is just a few short weeks away!

We recently discussed Seasonal Affective Disorder and the reasons you might find yourself suffering from the winter blues. Now, with daylight savings and warmer temps coming around, you might notice you’re starting to feel better and might even be thinking about changing habits you have developed over the winter.

Spring cleaning is synonymous with the start of this season. If you’ve been thinking about clearing your personal space, you can’t forget the important step of also clearing your mind to achieve somewhere you can truly enjoy.

Relearn the Value of Belongings vs. Time

Minimalism is trending today. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter in the home and learning to separate yourself from large accumulations of “stuff” has been inspired by the likes of Marie Kondo. As this phenomenon continues, people are starting to focus on the importance of valuing belongings and learning to let go of items they’ve been holding on to that are truly no longer needed to occupy their time, energy or space.

Clear Your Mind, Clear the Clutter

When you’re really ready to start taking things out of your home you’ve held onto for many years, you need to be focused. You can’t half-way commit and start organizing a small space while answering emails, stopping to run other errands, or just leaving it for some other time. Let’s be honest, that time usually never comes.

To truly clear your space you need to commit 100% to the task. Clear your mind and your schedule and book a specific time to work on you and your cleaning duties.

If you’ve ever meditated this is a very similar process. You need to dedicate full attention to doing the work and mindfully making decisions about what you will keep, toss or donate.

How Hypnosis Helps Procrastination

If much of what you’ve read here sounds good but you can’t imagine yourself finding the time to even slow down for a few minutes to accomplish the needed steps, then hypnosis is the perfect tool to help get you started.

By speaking directly to your subconscious mind about the reasons you might be procrastinating and then replacing the ideas holding you back with positive, reinforcing directives, you can increase your self-confidence and motivation and finally focus enough to complete a proper spring cleaning session.

Perhaps deep down you have a fear of failure and the desire to do everything so perfectly is keeping you from trying at all. Or, maybe you’re unexplainably exhausted all the time and lack focus enough to sit through the clearing process. Hypnosis can help you dig deeper and figure out where these feelings stem from and address them directly so you can stop the negative thoughts.

Spring is here folks! Soon, new flowers will bloom, the birds will be chirping, fresh breezes will come through the window and there are so many reasons to start fresh!  Contact me NOW so you can achieve the joy and peace you are worthy of feeling.

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